Speedo Mini Remote Controlled RC Speed Boat

  • Micro RC Racing Boat – Buy two so you can race them!
  • Perfect in the bathtub, pool or pond – Fresh water only
  • Great Starter boat to introduce children to Remote Control
  • Simple controls – Cruise fast or slow – Rugged design that will stand up to use by kids
  • This boat is great fun and its rugged. My Grand-kids have been playing with them for weeks and they are still working fine. This is the perfect toy if you want to introduce children to the world of Remote Control. Will cruise slow for use in the bath tub. Minimum age recommendation 8-years old.
  • Not happy at all with this product. The remote is arcaic and broke the first day my son had it. Also, the boat took, on water in the first couple of uses and I think it hurt the motor. Don’t waste your money!!
  • My son was so excited to receive this as a gift– I charged the boat according to the instruction manual, then we got to use it in the water for a whole 2 minutes before it stopped working. Have tried various fixes to no avail–I wish I had my $20 back. Please don’t waste your money on this product like I did.
  • I bought it for my son to play in the bathtub and the damn thing showed up broken! I gave it to an engineer friend of mine to take a look and he said it was a piece of junk.

Speedo mini remote controlled rc speed boat1 Speedo Mini Remote Controlled RC Speed Boat