ShockWave 26 V3 BL RTR Review

This is one totally awesome boat. So far I’ve been running it for nearly a month with no issues. Even with a 4200 Mah NiMh pack that I am currently using, it moves at a pretty good clip, maybe low to mid 20′s MPH wise – more than ample for the pond I am running the boat in. However, the motor and ESC are rated for up to 3S Lipo power. Just be sure to watch the ESC and motor temps if you use a 3S Lipo battery as they may become hot but this setup will push the speeds up to about 30 MPH according to the box.

Customizing the boat is really easy as three sets of trim decals in blue, red and magenta are included. Before the boat can be used, one has to first attach the rudder and propeller and then install the longer of the two receiver antennas into the antenna tube. The shorter antenna is laid flat in the hull and secured in place with scotch tape. In all, it took me about a half hour to prepare the boat for the water.

I also added the optional 1.6 X 2.5 stainless steel propeller offered by Pro Boat and noticed a modest increase in performance too.

Also, a word of advice, it is recommended in the instructions to remove and grease the prop shaft after about 2-3 hours of use. Pro Boat offers a grease gun with grease to make this step easy. I also used thread lock to secure the set screw in the motor coupler after reinstalling.

I would definitely recommend this boat. Even though you can get a brushed motor version of this for about $80 less, I would recommend that you get this brushless version instead as brushed motors wear out much faster and even though they only cost about $20 each, replacing a few of them over time will get expensive rather quickly.

Good luck and happy boating

Shockwave v bl rtr review11 ShockWave 26 V3 BL RTR Review