Minicraft Models Deluxe RMS Titanic 1/350 Scale

  • Over 300 plastic and brass assembly parts
  • Illustrated assembly and painting instructions
  • Detailed authentic decals
  • Display-stand and name plate included
  • Skill level 3
The RMS Titanic that sank in April 1912 is one of the best-recognized and most famous ocean liners ever. Sadly it is also the most infamous ship in maritime disaster history. The motion picture of the same name has made this ship an enduring icon of the early twentieth century. This 1/350 scale plastic assembly kit of the RMS Titanic measures over 29” long after assembly. This model is one of the largest and most accurate models of the RMS Titanic available anywhere.

Product Description

1/350 Scale. This kit of the Titanic measures 30 1/2 inches long and 3/14 inches wide when complete. Features over 150 pieces, the hull is one black piece, decking are molded in cream, railings, ladders, funnels, lifeboats are molded in white. Black display stand with brass-looking nameplate and “pegs, Anchors and propellers are molded in black as well, clear pieces for vents. Come with Photo-Etched Brass Railings and ratines, includes an anchor chain and monofilament thread. Detailed deck superstructure, compass tower with compass, electric rig cranes, american or White Star Lines flag, detailed funnels with steam pipes and ladders, detailed masts with ladders, postcard included with a picture of Titanic, recessed panel lines give a realistic appearance. Museum quality. Licensed by “The Titanic Historical Society,Inc.” who furnished the original drawings and data. This is the largest, most highly detailed and accurate model kit of the Titanoc on the Market. Titanic liverpool decals. Skill level 3

Minicraft models deluxe rms titanic scale11 Minicraft Models Deluxe RMS Titanic 1/350 Scale