Dickie RC Bella Luisa

  • RC-Boat Bella Luisa, Complete set, 45 CM
  • Full function, 27 MHZ
  • Control distance: 30 meters
  • TX-1 X 9V 6R61, RX-8 X 1.5V R6 Alkaline included

The Bella Luisa is a must for every summer holiday. It is full functional and has a control distance up to 95 feet. All batteries are included so it is ready to run out of the box.

The whole family loves this boat. We sit on the dock and take turns cruising it around. It takes regular batteries which I think is great. They last a long time it seems. It looks really awesome going through the water. Don’t expect it to take on waves with its classics hull but in calm waters it does great.
Dickie rc bella luisa1 Dickie RC Bella Luisa