Buying Guide for RC Boats


1. Ready-made or Assemble

While most beginners will opt to play it safe by getting a ready-made boat that can be used right out of the box, others might be a little more adventurous, preferring to get a kit for DIY assembly. The latter may seem like hard work but there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing you’ve built your boat from scratch. Parts can also be replaced with better alternatives during construction for a truly unique masterpiece.

2. Size

In the RC boats sale, you’ll find models in a wide array of sizes. The smaller ones can be just a few inches in length, while the bigger ones can be positively gargantuan reaching up to several feet. The choice will depend on how and where you plan to use the boat. A little one will be fast and easy to carry around but may not perform well on rough waters. A bigger, heavier one will need a powerful engine and will be difficult to move from place to place but it can handle a bit of turbulence much better. Most tournaments place restrictions on the weight and dimensions of entries so read up if you plan on joining any of them.

3. Power Source

Electric boats use batteries, usually lithium polymer, and have decent speeds ranging anywhere between 15 to 60mph. Top speed can be achieved through the modification of stock models. Some boats are outfitted with powerful gas engines that enable them to run really fast. For racers, however, this is frequently not enough and so they may add nitro as fuel to achieve blazing fast times. The danger is that nitrous fuel is easily combustible so storage and handling should be done with utmost care. On the other extreme, people who want to relax may opt to buy wind-powered sailboats at the RC boats sale.

4. Design

Another critical factor in choosing what to buy in the RC boats sale is the design of the unit. There are scale models of actual boats, race-optimized designs, and others that are theme-based, such as pirate ships, yachts, and even submarines. The suggested hull design is a deep-V as it provides stability in rough waters and makes it easy for the boat to cut through any direction for superior maneuverability.

5. Maintenance

Like everything else, RC boats can and will breakdown, though the frequency and severity varies considerably from one model to the next. Beginners would want a low-maintenance model and electric types are usually recommended for their reliability.


A RC boat sale is a wonderful opportunity to enter the fun and exciting world of RC crafts. Be sure to study your options well. Compare features and decide ultimately based on the boat’s suitability for your particular needs.

Buying guide for rc boats1 Buying Guide for RC Boats