Balaenoptera Musculus RC Racing Boat Review


This is a brand new 23 inch High Speed Dual Motor Remote Controlled RC Racing Boat model. It is powered by high performance dual 380 size engines to achieve incredibly fast speeds for a model speedboat . Its V-hull is designed for high speed. Fully functional radio control system provides smooth and responsive handling of the model speed boat. The RC model boat’s design simulates the true style, look and feel of the real ship. Fully functional radio control Powered by two 380 type racing motors Vector push design Professional large torsion twin propeller system One set of extra propellers included 7.2v rechargeable battery park included AC charger included Transmitter(requires 8 x AA batteries not included) Display stand Dimensions: 23 inch(L) x 8 inch(W) x 6 inch(H) Suitable for children age 14 and up

Found a review that suggested taking apart the RC unit to check for unattached wire. Looked OK, but in the process of fiddling with the unit and the boat, it came to life! Don’t know if it was earlier operator error or subsequent fiddling, but in the water it went and worked like a charm (and fast). I believe that when checking it out at first, make sure to hold one of the copper prop shafts while operating the controls on the RC unit. Please change rating to 4 STARS. Would be 5 except for the instructions.
Balaenoptera musculus rc racing boat review1 Balaenoptera Musculus RC Racing Boat Review